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ca487 - Kontora Kooka - Jazz Virus

Artist: Kontora Kooka
Title: Jazz Virus
Date: 2012-01-26
Keywords: cyber jazz; indie rock; post-rock; other
(320 kbps)

"Once I tried to transfer V. Hlebnikova's poetry by music. We played Days of White China. Here there were times. In a new album“Jazz Virus ”I think on the contrary, texts and a voice - an essence of our new music. Especially in places of deviations from harmonies. I love deviations. The album is written down quickly - for three months. The jazz virus was installed in us. In this time we had time to break everything that has been saved up before. Certainly, there is a chance at such approach to lose our fans. But what to do, it is much more important - probably we’ll find new. And we already recover".

Elizarov Vladimir - vocal, guitar
Telegin Danila - bass, vocal
Gurov Victor - noise
Permyakov George - drums
Tishin Edward - trumpet
Erna Franssens - vocal
Shachova Julia - percussion

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ca486 - Utrovortu - Strakhuidyot

Artist: Utrovortu (Утроворту)
Title: Strakhuidyot (Страхуйдёт)
Date: 2012-01-19
Keywords: post-psychedelic; experimental; psy-folk; post-rock; other
(320 kbps)

The new album by Utrovortu is a tribute to the girlish disco-punk band STRAKHUIDYOT, which performed in St Petersburg some time ago. While recording the disc the musicians have torn the funny mocking songs to bits - lively guitar riffs reincarnated into grinding sounds of prehistoric synthesizers, and the rock-n-rolling keyboards were replaced by the dull heavy thumps of obscure nature...

Новый альбом коллектива УТРОВОРТУ представляет из себя перепевки песен девичьей диско-панк группы СТРАХУЙДЁТ, существовавшей некоторое время назад в Санкт-Петербурге. От задорных издевательских композиций не осталось камня на камне - бодрые гитарные рифы перевоплотились здесь в скрежещущие щемящие сердце звуки допотопных синтезаторов, а на смену, пускающим в пляс клавишным девушек пришли прибивающие к земле глухие бряцающие удары неясного происхождения...

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ca485 - Diversion Voice - Underwater

Artist: Diversion Voice
Title: Underwater
Date: 2012-01-12
Keywords: progressive rock; jazz; rock; psychedelic; atmospheric
(320 kbps)

Record: June 2010 - Mart 2011.
(drums) recorded by Alexander Andreev & Nikolay Mironenko at GDR rehearsal studio. Moscow, Russia.
(guitars, bass, sax, electronics, percussion) recorded by Artem Lobanov at BUTTERFLY-records. Chekhov, Russia.

Music by Diversion Voice:
Matvey Ushakov - guitar
Ilya Bolkisev - sax, electronics
Ivan Dorokhov - bass
Alexey Kryuchkov - drums
Dmitry Krasov - guitar, percussion

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ca484 - Nice Wings, Icarus! - Aurora

Artist: Nice Wings, Icarus!
Title: Aurora
Date: 2012-01-05
Keywords: post-metal; post-rock; progressive rock
(320 kbps)

Aurora is a second full-length album by Nice Wings, Icarus! – post-metal\progressive rock band from Kiev, Ukraine. This time tunes sound far more confident and sometimes – experimental, and we`re not talking about tracks timing.

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Clinical Archives Mix - December 2011 (cm12)

Artist: Various
Title: Clinical Archives Mix - December 2011
Date: 2011-12-29
Keywords: jazz; free improvisation; avant-garde; electroacoustic
(320 kbps)

Some best music and songs of December on a netlabel Clinical Archives.
Artists: Ak-47 Big band (Argentina), Evgeny Makarov (Russia/Belgium), Vulcan Sessions (Spain)

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ca483 - Ak-47 Big Band - Ak-47 Big Band

Artist: Ak-47 Big Band
Title: Ak-47 Big Band
Date: 2011-12-24
Keywords: jazz; big band
(320 kbps)

Federico Fernandez - Trompet / Fermin Echeveste - Trompet / Jesus Silva - Trombon / Felicitas Rocha - Trombon / Pablo Moldes - Alto sax and flute / Nicolas Alvarez - Tenor sax y flute / Santiago Kurchan - Tenor sax, Clarinet y Arrangments / Marcelo Garofalo - Baritone sax / Roman Ostrowsky - Guitar / Andres Przybylko - Dubblebass / Pablo Aragona - Drums

This is not exactly a record. It's just a sample of the work we've been doing, wich we are proud of and wanting to show. It's not a record because the group formed just a few months ago and a proyect this big has it's own times to develop and to generate a continuity and flow in the music and in the people...

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ca482 - Vulcan Sessions - Vulcan Sessions

Artist: Vulcan Sessions
Title: Vulcan Sessions
Date: 2011-12-15
Keywords: improvisation; jazz; avant-garde; experimental; electroacoustic; antimanierista
(320 kbps)

Celebrating First “ImproLibre” Anniversary in Tenerife, various improvisers, residents in this island, were recording this collection of tracks, in collaboration with members of Trío Antimanierista. David Paredes produces a meeting between most important improvisers at Spain, and gets to catch the surreal atmosphere.
The results are mysterious, eclectic and deeping creative world of sounds and melodies… under Vulcan dreams…

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ca482 - Lisa-Svart1 - Incarnate beads of light

Artist: Lisa-Svart1
Title: Incarnate beads of light
Date: 2011-12-10
Keywords: classical; experimental; dark ambient; electronic; spoken word
(320 kbps)

“Incarnate beads of light” (started from “Dawn” poem by Madison Julius Cawein) is new unformal project by the singer Lisa(involved in many international collaborations) and dark ambient composer Svart1. Release basically follows the same pattern created in others Svart1 releases but in a more classical and dark-experimental mood. Lisa with a voice characterized by impalpable, soft nuances and Svart1 with dark ambient drones martial-like, otherworldly percussions, synthesized violins sounding distant, and solemn using some fields recordings; dark-romantic and melancholic piano played by Svart1 following the waves of Lisa and the Madison Cawein poem “Dawn”.